morph with us
Event Datum 3. August 2024
Beginn 20:00 Uhr
Ende 04:00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort FluxBau
Pfuelstraße 4
10997 Berlin
Veranstalter morph


morph is an event series that combines visual art and music. Each edition is unique and presents itself with a specially curated exhibition concept in the form of a pop-up exhibition combined with a dance event.


Everything is in motion. Trust the process.

Stimulations shape into impulses, flowing rhythms, the senses take over consciousness, and you feel the energy of deep connection. Dive into the moment - morph with us.

Boundless culture, freedom through expression. morph is not exclusive or elitist. It's not just a place or a night. It's a feeling, a passion - not a decision. It lives through you, through us.

For us, the essence of techno culture is free expression regardless of convention, but filled with respect and acceptance. Individual expression allows ideas to emerge, liberates the body, and opens the mind. morph connects art, culture, and community. Those who accompany us become part of the synthesis.

Discrimination, in any form, has no place here. morph welcomes all equally. We believe in realizing free spaces through mindfulness. Cultural and artistic transformation is a deep, unifying human need.

Everything is interconnected. Aesthetics are as boundless as culture and make perceptions and feelings reality. Multimedia connects. morph signifies the chance for development. Let's create interaction together and unleash the synergy.



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16,00 € / Ticket

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